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  • CTP is a designation that treasures your potential

    Being a CTP sends a clear message that you have mastery of finance and treasury. The Certified Treasury Professional (CTP®) designation is widely respected and recognized. It is testament to in-depth relevant know-how including risk management, mergers and acquisitions, capital structure, cash management and corporate governance. Leading companies understand the importance of this designation and hence much prefer hiring CTPs
    Chartered Financial Analyst excels at:

    • Corporate liquidity
    • Forecasting, short-term investing and borrowing
    • Working capital strategies and tools
    • Payment systems
    • Financial and operational risks
    • Capital structure
    • Cross-border funds movement and international trade financing methods
    • Financial functions and the sharing of financial information
    • Corporate governance issues

    CTP’s Importance

    The CTP is a respected and valued credential in the global finance and treasury community and is your passport to career success. The number of companies specifically asking for the CTP is growing. Now CTP holders represent about 75% of the Fortune 500 corporations.
    Today CTPs can look forward to:

    • Esteem from employers
    • Recognition
    • Great pay and benefits
    • Career opportunities, stability and more promotions
    • A bright future
    • Membership in a professional network of over 22,000 CTPs
    • The chance to add value to their team

    Since the CTP is a highly respected professional designation, it sets you above the competition in the sphere of finance and treasury.


    Benefits of the CTP Program

    Becoming a CTP means you have to pass an exam. The CTP program sharpens skills and useful competencies that are essential to your career’s success:

    • Mastery of optimizing cash resources, maintaining liquidity, ensuring access to short-term and long-term financing, judging capital investment decisions and controlling exposure to financial risk
    • Well-formed understanding of the treasury function
    • Extra knowledge, skills and abilities in corporate finance
    • Critical skills you use in business
    • High ethical standards
    • Personal skills
    • Communication skills
    • Significant know-how

  • Treasury Real World Relevance

    Take a closer look at the content the CTP covers. With such rich material and pertinent topics, the CTP really symbolizes the height of finance and treasury.


    • Module one: The Corporate Treasury Management Function
    • Module two: Corporate Financial Management
    • Module three: Working Capital Management
    • Module four: Cash and Liquidity Management
    • Module five: Money and Capital Markets
    • Module six: Treasury Operations and Controls

  • CTP Certification Basic Requirements

    Before you start your journey towards becoming a CTP, you have to meet certain requirements.

    CTP Exam Basic Requirements

    Not just anyone can become a CTP. Why? Because the CTP is a very specific professional designation and is a badge of excellence. And so to qualify to take the CTP exam you need to fit one of the following set of requirements:

    Work Experience:

    • Full time in a career-based cash/treasury management or corporate finance-related position


    • Graduate or master degree in business, finance, accounting


    • Full time college or university level teaching experience in finance-related topic


    About the CTP Exam

    The 170 multiple-choice question CTP® Examination focuses on treasury management knowledge taken from the Essentials of Treasury Management ®, Third Edition. Psychometrically validated procedures are utilized to create the CTP® exam which is validated by Pearson VUE and AFP.

    CTP Exam Content and Structure:

    The exam tests the following areas (2011-2013 CTP Test Specifications, Essentials of Treasury Management ® 3rd Edition):

    • The Role and Organization of Treasury Management
    • Financial Regulatory Environment
    • Managing Relationships with Service Providers
    • Financial Planning and Analysis
    • Introduction to Working Capital Management
    • Working Capital Tools
    • Payment Systems, Collections and Disbursement
    • Money Markets, Short-term Investing and Borrowing
    • Capital Market
    • Financial Decisions and Management
    • Capital Structure and Dividend Policy
    • Operational and Enterprise Risk Management
    • Treasury Policies and Procedures
    • Information Technology in Treasury
    • Financial Accounting and Reporting

    CTP Exam Schedule and Locations

    The CTP® examination is a computer-based exam which is offered in 60-day testing windows for greater flexibility and convenience to candidates. The first testing window is in December/January and the second is June/July. To sit for the exam, scheduling must be done at Pearson Vue.

    Application Steps

    Once you’ve met all the requirements, you can start applying so you can take the official exam. The application process is quick, just:

    • Request the Certification Candidate Guide, from AFP’s website, the guide to the entire certification process, from registration to recertification.
    • Review the Rules and Regulations for all policies and procedures regarding the CTP examination.
    • Submit the online application or use the printable version that is available in the certification guide. For those who are submitting an online application, you must complete the eligibility portion. NOTE: an application is not complete until the Eligibility Form is submitted
    • Wait to receive your registration confirmation and Authorization to Test (ATT) via email. They will be emailed to you in that order.
    • You may schedule your exam appointment with Pearson Vue after you have received your ATT.

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