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  • CSP is a designation that accounts for professional sales

    It is the second level of the ISMC sales career certifications. The (CSP) career certification is specially designed for salespeople looking to achieve qualified certificate in sales. It is a professional level demonstrating the knowledge
    of the professional sales subjects like; sales presentation skills, negotiating and closing sales, sales pipeline management, managing a sales team and many others.

     CSP’s Importance

    Achieving the CSP (Certified Sales Professional) career certification is the second step in helping you prepare for a career certification in selling. The (CSP) career certification lays the professional selling abilities such as How to prepare to handle objections, negotiate and close the sale, Identify methods of closing the sale, Identify any issues that are preventing the customer agreeing the sale, Use questions to identify potential opportunities for add-ons, up-selling or cross-selling, how the consumer buying decision-making process affects the sales cycle, how the organizational buying decision-making process affects the sales cycle, how to present solutions to meet the needs and wants of each member of the decision-making unit.

    Benefits of being a CSP

    The (CSP) career certification aligns and covers the required units of level three and level four from the international sales qualification standards.
    Value of the Certification to Organizations

    • Improve productivity and performance of sales staff
    • Better return on investment in training and development
    • Reduce lost sales through better closing and handling
    • Increase customer satisfaction through better relationship management

    Value of the Certification to Professionals

    • Achieve international sales certificate for success
    • Plan for professional career development
    • Wide Range of sales training courses to match selling needs
    • Be part of top sales community and improve job performance


    Learning Outcomes

    After achieving the CSP certificate you will be able to:

    • Identify differences in emphasis between consumer and organizational buying
    • Understand why people buy and how to influence them
    • Understand buyer decision making processes and their impact on the sales process
    • Understand how to respond to the buyer at each stage of the decision making process
    • Understand the different motivations of consumer and organizational buyers
    • Formulate strategies for approaching consumer
    • Formulate strategies for approaching organizational buyers
    • Prepare to handle objections, negotiate and close the sale
    • Plan to deal with a range of objections before dealing with the customer
    • Explore issues with the customer to identify and priorities concerns
    • Understand what is involved in a sales negotiation
    • Prepare for a sales negotiation with appropriate options
    • Carry out a sales negotiation with a customer according to plan
    • Identify methods of closing the sale
    • Close the sale and summaries agreements

  • Sales Real World Relevance

    Take a closer look at the content the CSP covers. With such rich material and pertinent topics, the CSP really symbolizes the height of professional sales.

    Course_1: Influences on Buyer Behavior (IBB)

    • Introduction
    • Buyer behavior and influences
    • Differences between consumer and organizational buying
    • Consumer buyer behavior
    • Factors affecting the consumer decision-making process
    • Organizational buyer behavior
    • Factors affecting organizational buyer behavior
    • Developments in purchasing practice
    • Relationship management
    • Summary and action plan

    Course_2: Sales Winning Techniques (SWT)

    • Introduction
    • Negotiating sales in the sales process
    • Before start negotiating
    • Strategies for overcoming objections
    • Strategies for successful negotiation
    • Strategies for getting to agreement
    • After the negotiation
    • Principles of closing
    • Closing approaches
    • Summary and action plan

  • CSP Certification Basic Requirements


    Passed the (CSF) career certification required exams
    Who can prepare for the (CSP)
    The (CSP) career certification ideally designed for the following:

    • Individuals already employed in a sales job
    • Sales people with 2 – 4 years of experience in sales career
    • Sales people wishing to enhance their knowledge and skills in sales

    Exams and training courses

    Required Exam (s) Recommended  Course (s)
    IBB#301 Influences on Buyer Behavior (IBB)
    SWT#302 Sales Winning Techniques (SWT)

    About the CSP Exam

    Influences on Buyer Behavior (IBB)

    • The exam consists of 50 questions (on a scale of 1000); to pass you must answer 36 accurate questions (on a score of 720)
    • Exam duration is 60 minutes
    • Exam code is (IBB#301)

    Sales Winning Techniques (SWT)

    • The exam consists of 50 questions (on a scale of 1000); to pass you must answer 36 accurate questions (on a score of 720)
    • Exam duration is 60 minutes
    • Exam code is (SWT#302)

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