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  • CM is a designation that achieve your management potential

    The Certified Manager Program is a professional training program sponsored by the Institute of Certified Professional Managers (ICPM) in the United States of America. The CM program develops and enhances general management skills and prepares individuals performing or aiming at performing managerial duties to take the CM management certification exams. Those who successfully complete the CM exams achieve the CM certification, a prestigious credential that recognizes competency and professionalism of managers worldwide in all fields.

    CM’s Importance

    More than 12,000 professionals all over the world have already attended the Certified Manager Program and enjoy the benefits of Certification. Some of the many companies that have already participated in the Certified Manager Program are AIG, Glaxo Smith Kline Pharmaceuticals, Pepsi Cola Bottling Co, Toyota, Harvard University, Bank of America, HSBC, Marfin Laiki Bank, Hellenic Bank, CYTA, Bank of Piraeus.

    Benefits of the CM Program

    For experienced managers seeking recognition and career advancement, the Certified Manager® certification validates competencies essential to quality management practice in today’s workplace.

    The CM certification is highly sought after in today’s workplace because:

    • It will enhance your management and leadership knowledge, skills and ethics.
    • It will develop confidence and improve your on-the-job performance.
    • It will verify your level of management competency and leadership potential.
    • It will demonstrate your commitment to continuing professional development.
    • It will offer you a competitive edge for selection and advancement.
    • It will add credibility to your organization as an organization that invest in quality management.
    • It will give you the opportunity to network locally and internationally with other Certified Managers.
    • It will give you the opportunity to continuously find resources and support from your peers and ICPM.

  • CM is a designation that accounts for brighter prospects

    Take a closer look at the content the CM covers. With such rich material and pertinent topics, the CM really symbolizes the height of managers.

    Management Skills I: Foundations of Management
    The Module provides fundamental leadership and management skills and knowledge.

    • Management Fundamentals
    • Manager vs. Leader Ethics and Social Responsibility
    • The Global Environment
    • Managing for Sustainability
    • Effective Communication
    • Decision Making
    • Using Information Technology
    • The Legal Environment and Risk Management
    • Economics and Business

    Management Skills II: Planning and Organizing
    This Module provides skills and knowledge for improved Planning and Organizing.

    • Planning and Strategy
    • Value-Chain Management
    • Project Management
    • Organizational Structure and Culture
    • Building Teams and Work Groups
    • Human Resource Management
    • Workforce Diversity
    • Coaching and Feedback
    • Networking and Mentoring
    • Facilitating Effective Meetings

    Management Skills III: Leading and Controlling
    This Module provides skills and knowledge for improved Leading and Controlling.

    • Leadership
    • Motivation
    • Managing Change
    • Conflict, Politics, and Negotiation
    • Managing Misbehavior
    • Time and Stress Management
    • Organizational Control
    • Operations Control
    • Accounting and Financial Information
    • Financial Management

  • CM Exam Discription

    The CM certification is earned by passing 3 challenging CM exams which assess management competency. The CM exams are taken online through the ICPM e-Learning Center. US versions of each of the 3 exams consist of 120 multiple-choice questions. International exams consist of 100 questions. Exams are graded monthly and results are reported as pass or fail. In accordance with accreditation standards the number or percentage of correct answers is not disclosed.

    CM Exam Content and Format:

    The CM exams assess analytical skills, knowledge and decision making skills. Exams may be taken on the ICPM e-Learning Center at any time.
    Separate versions of the CM exams are offered for US and International customers and differ in length and content. US exams contain 120 questions are for applicants who live and work in the USA and US Military personnel.
    International exams contain 100 questions and are for applicants who live and work outside the USA. International exams don’t cover US – specific content such as laws and regulations.
    Exams are to be taken without assistance from others, notes, or reference materials. A maximum of 120 minutes is allowed for the completion of each exam.

    Grades and Grading

    Exam results are reported as pass or fail. To comply with accreditation standards, ICPM does not report the number or percentage of correct answers.
    Applicants who test online get immediate pass/fail results upon completion of an exam, as well as a confirmation email. Exam results are officially processed on the 16th of each month (or the next business day) and detailed results are sent by email.
    Official results include detailed feedback to highlight both strengths and weaknesses on specific content areas. Applicants who pass an exam can use this feedback to help them address their areas of weakness, while those who fail can use the feedback to prepare to retake the exam.

    Exam Registration

    Applicants register to take an exam by requesting an exam password through the ICPM e-Learning Center. Password requests should be made at least 7 days before the planned exam date. Exam passwords are valid for 30 days.

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