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Academic excellence and practical real-world experience

CPC is a global career professional certifications provider and leader in learning and people development. With a strong Middle East presence, we have the confidence to guarantee the success of our work and help organizations and people to succeed and improve through our innovative and robust learning solutions.CPC provides international certification programs and academic diplomas in the specializations of Accounting, Auditing, Finance, Human Resources, Business, Project Management, Marketing and Sales.


Helping professionals to boost their career credentials

Earning an accreditation in a specialized field is an excellent way to enhance your career. It gives you the opportunity to not only build credibility for yourself, but to also become recognized for your knowledge, experience, and accomplishments. Every accreditation program is different; however, most involve a series of presentations, tests, and evaluations by experts in the field. 

Although going through this process is time-consuming, it’s an excellent way to show employers you are fully invested in your career.

Helping employees become high performers

In an increasingly competitive environment where your people are often the key differentiator, you need to think beyond the norm and continually raise the level of talent and skills in the organization. CPC provides learning and development solutions that help employees to become high performers in their organizations.  Our ability to think beyond learning distinguishes our approach and capability to make breakthrough performance a reality.

We will keep your skills fresh and maintain your competitiveness in your daily tasks. We will also help you build your portfolio and provide more experiences to share with employees during workday.

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